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Purchasing a luxury vacation home is a big decision. Before now, there was no simple solution to help you buy, own, and enjoy such an important investment. That’s why we created Inspirato Real Estate. We're the smart, easy way to enjoy effortless luxury vacation home ownership.

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Explore our vetted collection of luxury vacation homes in top destinations. Once you choose where to buy, we’ll connect you with our local real estate partner to select the perfect property for you and your family.

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Our team will consult with you regarding your chosen home, sharing a rental income projection and lease overview. At closing, lease your new home to us with fixed rental income, expert property management, and complete peace of mind.

Relax and enjoy

Relax and enjoy your own home as much as you like with our flexible owner usage program. Plus, travel to other destinations within our residence portfolio with Inspirato hospitality benefits and members-only rates.

Luxury Homes in the Inspirato Collection

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