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Do you have clients looking for a smarter way to enjoy the benefits of luxury vacation home ownership? Inspirato Real Estate is the answer. We lease high-end homes for the Inspirato portfolio, leveraging more than a decade of specialized experience to deliver a rewarding ownership experience.


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Your clients love their luxury vacation homes—but in many cases, they’re too busy to make the most of their properties.

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Have a client looking for a better solution for a new luxury vacation home they've found or one they already own?



We’ll provide your client with a personalized consultation to see if their property is a fit.



If we lease your client’s property, we’ll thank you with $3,000 in Inspirato Travel Credits or cash. Terms and conditions apply

Why Lease to Inspirato Real Estate?

Financial Benefits
National luxury hospitality brand with strong financials
Fixed rental income each month regardless of occupancy
Coverage of regular operating and maintenance costs
Deep luxury  expertise to help maximize appreciation

Worry-Free Property Management
Dedicated owner relationship associate
Expert 24/7 luxury-focused property management service
Daily housekeeping with every guest stay
Available exclusively to vetted Inspirato clientele

Travel & Lifestyle Benefits
Flexible owner usage program to enjoy your home
Complimentary Inspirato Club subscription each year
Members-only rates for travel in the Inspirato portfolio

Property Mgmt


Luxury Homes in the Inspirato Portfolio

Browse a few homes already in our portfolio—your client’s home could be next.

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New property vetting underway

Our team is currently reviewing new homes. Let's connect to discuss your properties, so we can discuss a customized strategy for you, as inventory in this market is changing frequently.

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Working with Inspirato Real Estate means happier clients—just ask agents we've worked with.

“Inspirato Real Estate provides a rewarding, worry-free ownership experience for our clients. They especially love having a dedicated team to take care of their property and keep it in top shape. It’s a great feeling to own a beautiful vacation home here in Telluride and never have to worry because, it's in such good hands, and it generates a solid revenue stream.”

Teddy Errico

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Inspirato?

Inspirato is the innovative luxury hospitality company that manages, staffs, and maintains the Inspirato portfolio, a carefully curated portfolio of branded luxury vacation homes, delivered through a subscription model to ensure the service and certainty that affluent travelers demand. When your client leases their luxury vacation home to us through the Inspirato Real Estate platform, we add it to the Inspirato portfolio and make it available exclusively to our subscribers and guests – trusted, repeat travelers we know by name.

+ What makes Inspirato different from internet vacation rental broker and listing sites?

There is simply no comparison. We lease the best luxury vacation homes and pay fixed monthly rental income, regardless of how often the property is booked. We connect owners to a dedicated team to handle property management. We expand their world with exciting Inspirato travel benefits. And similar to five-star luxury hotel brands, we fully manage and control the homes we lease, making them available exclusively to Inspirato subscribers and guests.   

+ How does Inspirato Real Estate help real estate agents?

When you refer clients to us, we help them by eliminating the most common questions and concerns about luxury vacation homeownership, whether they already own a property or would like to in the future. These include solutions how to market and monetize their vacation home, property management, guest relations, and more. Plus, when we lease your client's home for our portfolio, we'll thank you with $3,000 in Inspirato Travel Credits or cash. Terms and conditions apply.

+ How do I refer a client to Inspirato Real Estate?

Simply ask your referral to complete our Submit Your Home form and list you as the referring party. We will reach out to them to provide a personalized consultation and evaluation. If we lease their property for our portfolio, we’ll thank you with your choice of $3,000 in Inspirato Travel Credits or cash. Terms and conditions apply.

+ I want to promote Inspirato Real Estate to my network. What do you recommend?

Please email us at so we can partner in helping you spread the word.

+ Can Inspirato Real Estate refer buyers to me?

From time to time, Inspirato subscribers interested in purchasing luxury vacation homes ask us to help them find a well-qualified local real estate agent. In these instances, we always turn to our agent partners first. When we refer a buyer that purchases one of your listings, you will receive the full sell-side commission upon closing. *Commission is paid in accordance with local laws and regulations.

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