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For Real Estate Agents: An Innovative Solution for Luxury Vacation Homes


Stephanie Prince Alexander

For Real Estate Agents: An Innovative Solution for Luxury Vacation Homes

If your client has a luxury vacation home or is looking to purchase one, Inspirato Real Estate is the smarter solution to help them monetize their home. Inspirato leases high-end homes for the Inspirato portfolio, leveraging more than a decade of specialized expertise to deliver a rewarding ownership experience.


In a recent virtual event, two luxury real estate agents—one from the Vail Valley and one from Grand Cayman—weighed in on the benefits of partnering with Inspirato Real Estate from an agent’s perspective. Vice President of Inspirato Real Estate Acquisitions, John Lee, opened the 30-minute call letting agents know, “We’re here to talk about the difference we offer to your clients and how we can provide them with a smart and easy way to enjoy vacation homeownership.”


You can watch the full recording of the event here, or read on for some highlights.


Vail Valley real estate agent Rebekah Zenor has been working with Inspirato for years. “It’s a really interesting opportunity,” she says during the call. “Unlike other management companies, Inspirato pays the utilities, they have the lawn done, the hot tub serviced, they fix all the light bulbs that go out—all of those little maintenance things, they pay for and manage.”

For her clients, Zenor says the biggest draw is the guaranteed rental income and the 5-10-year fixed lease. But she adds, “A lot of it is the cache—to have that sort of prestige attached to their property.”


She added that Inspirato’s high standards for homes in their portfolio has been a rationalization tool she has employed to get her clients into the home she knows they really want, even if it’s at a higher price tag.


“Inspirato Real Estate has allowed my clients to justify spoiling themselves with that luxury property. They can splurge on the property they have their hearts set on- and it makes sense. Inspirato has been an incredibly helpful tool for me as an agent to help my clients achieve all their goals,” says Zenor.


Craig Bosio has been working with Inspirato for roughly 11 years and has more than 32 years of experience in the luxury real estate industry. He discussed how he pitches Inspirato as a partnership to his clients, saying once he and a client identify a home or developer that would fit the Inspirato profile, he spends a lot of time educating that client what Inspirato brings to the table; the value of how they take care of the home, the type of people that travel there, and more.


As he’s seen first-hand, “Once a lease (with Inspirato) is signed, and when the Inspirato team starts kicking in and showing support for them, it really is something that they could have never even imagined or hoped for,” says Bosio.


How can agents know what an Inspirato home might look like?

The first step is to have a conversation with an Inspirato market manager, as this team understands each market intimately. Lee adds, “Location is really important to our members—they are some of the most discerning travelers in the world. They want to be ski-in, ski-out, they want oceanfront, they want amenity access to resorts.” And perhaps most importantly, according to Lee, they want a home that is equal to or greater quality than their own homes.  


Refer your friends and clients

When you refer a friend or client who owns a luxury vacation home or is looking to purchase one, you can be confident we will work directly with them to determine if their current or potential property is a fit for our portfolio. Plus, you will be rewarded! Learn more here.

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