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An Exciting New Partnership with Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate


Jorie Larsen

An Exciting New Partnership with Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate

Beginning in March 2022, Inspirato Real Estate proudly launched a partnership with Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate (also known as LRE),the largest luxury real estate network in the world—with more than 130,000 real estate professionals in 70+ countries. Real estate firms and brokers within the LRE network list and sell properties in the top 10% of their market, collectively selling over $300 billion dollars of real estate annually. 


Not only will the partnership serve to increase awareness for Inspirato Real Estate, but it will also help to foster relationships with elite real estate agents around the globe in search of comprehensive luxury vacation home management for their most discerning clients.


“We are really excited about our partnership with Luxury Real Estate as it allows us to place our brand in front of the top real estate professionals across the country, and really, the world,” said Kelli Williams, Director of Real Estate Marketing for Inspirato Real Estate.


“Our goal at Inspirato Real Estate is to be the number one management solution that luxury real estate agents can offer their clients who already own or are looking to purchase a luxury vacation home. Luxury Real Estate helps us get that message out,” she continued.


Inspirato Real Estate will enjoy prime placement on website alongside other top-tier network partners, as well as publicity features in LRE’s weekly newsletter that goes to more than 75,000 industry professionals, a customized email to the agent database, an invitation to their private Facebook group, the ability to host a webinar, and more.


As a part of Inspirato—the subscription vacation service and luxury hospitality club—Inspirato Real Estate provides luxury vacation homeowners with a rewarding and easy ownership experience. We lease high-end luxury vacation homes for the Inspirato portfolio, offering a unique suite of benefits including fixed rental income, a dedicated team to coordinate property management, vetted Inspirato guests, flexible owner use, and Inspirato travel benefits.


“Inspirato Real Estate is designed to help us add exceptional new luxury vacation homes to help satisfy growing demand from our subscribers, while also providing a smart solution for luxury vacation homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits of their property without the hassle,” said Inspirato President David Kallery.

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