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Give Your Vacation Home a Fresh New Look with Inspirato Real Estate


Cortni Dietz

Give Your Vacation Home a Fresh New Look with Inspirato Real Estate

Leasing your vacation home to Inspirato comes with a variety of benefits, from trusted property management to hosting exclusive clientele. But one of the most exciting—and one of our favorites—is the chance to give your second home the refresh you’ve been wanting.


By leasing your vacation home to Inspirato Real Estate, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a total refurbishment of your older or outdated décor and furniture. Find out more about how you can lease your home—and give it a new look—to Inspirato Real Estate right here. Below are a few of our favorite examples from real homes that have been renovated in the Inspirato Collection.

Villa Aracari, Costa Rica

With the beautiful Costa Rican coastline in the floor-to-ceiling windows of Villa Aracari, a modern, neutral touch allows the scenery outside to shine through. It also helps the room appear more open and airy—especially with the doors ajar to let in the ocean breeze.

Casa Lilia, San Miguel de Allende

Mirrors, new overhead lighting, and fresh palms allow for a brighter space to gather for a private chef’s dinner in the dining room and kitchen within Casa Lilia, right in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. The plush dining chairs make for a perfect spot to sip mezcal.

Casa Mandarina, Cabo

In the primary bedroom of Casa Mandarina in Cabo, we opted for fresh white bedding, cozy patterned throw pillows, and added storage within the new nightstand to help guests feel at home—before they step out onto their private terrace to soak up the sun.


Feeling inspired? Learn more about Inspirato Real Estate here.

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